Lapp Valley Farm

Lapp Valley farm

Address : 244 Mentzer Road New Holland, PA 17557

Phone : (717)354-7988

Description :

For those who discover their fresh goodness and delicious tastes, Lapp Valley Farm quickly becomes a favorite destination.  For locals, Lapp Valley Farm becomes a routine shopping spot for milk and butter that is hormone-free.  

For visitors, a visit to Lancaster County would be incomplete without the “obligatory” visit to Lapp Valley for their amazingly rich ice cream and freshly made waffle cones (of course, locals are known to also buy ice cream with every visit as well)!

A perfect location for a reasonably priced family outing, the meticulously manicured grounds play host to friendly peacocks, bull dogs, and friendly cats.  Guests to the farm can view the Jersey cows being milked at 4:30 PM Everyday and pet the calves that are bottle-fed.